Seventeen-year-old Emmeline Foster is unaware that the man she’s been dreaming of for months is real, and he’s been searching for her. These dreams, as she would come to discover, were not merely figments of her imagination, but memories of a past life.

Nearly murdered on their wedding night in the year 930, Archie and Emmeline are astonished to find themselves in the twenty-first century.

As soon as they are reunited, threats begin pouring in. To find out why their lives are being endangered, they must discover the dark assailants targeting them. Time is of the essence, and it is essential that they uncover the reason they traveled through time if they have any hope of returning to their former lives.

With enemies revealing themselves around every corner, how can they know who to trust? And will they ever make it home?

Twenty-one year old Ailie Bradach adorns a simple quartz necklace, the only memento left of her missing aunt, and someone is hunting her for it. One chilly, unsuspecting evening, she is abducted by Lord Adrian Greynight, eminent wizard ruler of the Seven Lands of Cador, a realm far from Earth.
must face her fears as news of a detrimental spell reaches Greynight castle - one that will only ignite if the assailant acquires her crystal. Clashing emotions vie for control as the once-abandoned feelings of friendship and love are finally within reach.
Can Ailie battle her fears to save Cador from the darkest of wizards? And will her conflicting thoughts prevent her from returning to her previous life?

There are doors that leak magic into the mortal realm in places one would think insignificant. Seventeen year old Nathalia was fortunate - or perhaps unfortunate - enough to discover such a place.

Nathalia has no memory of returning home after accidentally falling into Gelid lake, rumored to have lethally cold water.

She questions her sanity after waking up on the outskirts of her town, wondering how she escaped the lake. Had she been in those waters at all? Or was it her imagination that conjured visions of sprites kissing her cheeks in Gelid’s deep? To her astonishment, the lake opened its secrets to her the moment she broke the surface, unlocking her magical potential.

Nathalia tries to come to terms with the new reality when the lake's snarky guardian, an immortal shape-shifter named Cole, is summoned to guide her on a life-altering adventure that will either make or break her.

An unlikely friendship forms between them, finally offering her the affection she’s never had - but when Cole's dark secrets reveal themselves, uncertainty settles in Nathalia’s mind. Can she leave her morals behind to share Cole's immortal burden, or will she be left to live alone for her eternal existence?

Coming March 2023

In this epic sequel to Storm of the Elements, we prepare ourselves for an adventure filled with love and fear.

With Sloane defeated, Ailie and Adrian continue on with life in the Seven Lands implementing changes for their people to have a better living. Everything seems brighter for Ailie, and the love she shares with Adrian more fulfilling than ever, but their happily-ever-after comes to a standstill when Adrian is captured and imprisoned within the island of the Veil of Lost Souls.

Heartbroken and desperate, Ailie sets out to bring him back, determined to fight through anything that stands in her way.

Old friends and new friends alike join her along the journey, as well as perilous enemies looking to rip her heart to shreds.

Can she make it through her travels in one piece? Or will she shatter beneath her tormenting fears?


Everyone's afraid of something.

Plunge into the pages of Phobia! as authors from around the world explore these irrational fears. From well-know phobias to the more unusual, our authors have created twenty unique tales of lives disrupted by phobias. From horror to fantasy to contemporary fiction, Phobia! has something for everyone. Face your fears and climb the tallest sail, speak before a crowd, go outside at night, or run daring circles in the open during a thunderstorm. Cower from spiders and monsters. Resist sleep. Don't turn around. Try not to lose faith, but never trust a soul. And don't ever forget what's important.

Let your imagination be perturbed as you read Phobia! An Anthology of Fear.

Her White White Knight by V. Mull

Isaac Welsh enters his final year of high school as a new student, hoping to make a better

impression on his peers than in the all-boy’s prep academy he’d attended prior. His plans of

fitting in are derailed by the beautiful, popular Lydie Duncan - the classic mean girl.

Lydie, confident and outspoken, is known throughout the school as the Ice Queen, cold-

hearted and mean. As Isaac gains confidence to stand up to the queen, he soon discovers she

holds a dark secret, and it may be just the thing to unravel her stone-like appearance.

The Coffee Date by Donise Sheppard

Dora had nearly given up on finding a man who wouldn’t cheat or hurt her, until she met Eli. Eli was smart and sweet and liked to read – her perfect man – but he was keeping her at a distance. Would Eli ever open up and let her in, and could Dora learn to trust him with her heart, or will they let this love pass them by?

Acorn Kisses and Big Adventures by Valerie Hunter

Katie loves spending summers with her best friend Eli. Their futures seem limitless, but when the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl smother hopes across the countryside, their lives—and their friendship—may change forever.

Arsenic and Old Forest by Kelly Lee

As her sister prepares for the birth of twins, Yarrow asks Lonetree to take a walk with him. She was hoping for a romantic walk, not tumbling down a slope into Old Forest. And right in the middle of a dragon feud!"