Meet the Author

V. Mull, born in 1991, began writing at the young age of five. She often finds inspiration for her many stories within the beautiful woods of Maine where she lives with her husband, three children, and pets. Mull pens a few different genres such as Young Adult Fantasy, New Adult Fantasy, and Childrens' Stories. In 2019 her short story titled "The Queen and the Pebble" won first place in Pixie Forest Publishing's Summer contest, and her latest short story, Don't Turn Around, was published in Pixie Forest Publishing's anthology, Phobia! An Anthology of Fear. Mull's greatest wish is to create a world into which people can escape, and she will continue to work hard to make that dream come true. 

Inspiration - This one has no simple answer, BUT, nearly every one of my stories derived from dreams and blossomed into something magical. Once I have a small idea, it stays on my mind 24/7. You can find me talking myself while folding laundry, or when I'm tapping away at the keyboard, I'll make facial expressions so I know how to explain it. I love walking through the woods and imagining little leprechaun doors in the trees, or that a unicorn will walk around the corner at any moment. Day dreams, it's what brings my stories to life.

 When I say I began writing at age five, it's true. My mom had kept a journal of my siblings and my "developments" - what our hobbies were, our likes, funny stories, etc. She had written that I would tell stories, obviously unable to write them at that point. I can't remember a time I didn't love writing. Many children want to be something when they grow up - firemen, princesses, vampires, hobbits - ya know, the usual. A lot of them change their mind later, or their dreams are simply unachievable (c'mon, I want to believe Frodo Baggins is real, too). I wanted to be a professional author. Always. To finally reach the day my book was published is a day I will never forget. I did it. I'm living my childhood dream. So don't give up, don't let your dreams die. (Go ahead, move to Forks and live your best vamp life.)

My love for reading, oh boy. I'll find any excuse to go to the bookstore, though my pile of unread books continues to grow. I love the smell, the feel, the way it sits on a bookshelf. My kids and household duties keeps me busy, so finding the time to read is scarce. I try to read at least a chapter in bed every night, but I end up falling asleep. AUDIO BOOKS, my friends! I'm able to fall asleep listening to at least five chapters a night! I still buy the physical copies, because I'm an adult - just try to stop me!

If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to read a book in one minute and know every tiny detail. Did you know that you would have to read 4,716 books A DAY to read all the books in the world before you die? With this superpower, I could read every book twice and still have years to go.


1. I'm afraid of buttons. BUTTONS, like the ones on clothing. They disgust me and I, from the depth of my soul, do not know why. 

2. Clue is my favorite board game, and I will BURY anyone who dares challenge me to a game. 

3. I collect toys. Funko pops, fan items, etc. One thing I love to do is customize barbies as my book characters. It's so fun!

4. I love greenery, and tried my darndest to be a plant mom. But I'm a murderous plant mom, so all the plants in my home are FAKES. Fraud plants.

5. I am obsessed with tea! I'll have at least three cups of unsweetened iced tea a day.

6. My favorite video games are Sims, Animal Crossing, Slime Rancher, Stardew Valley, and My time at Portia. I highly recommend them!

7.  I don't like matching socks. If I wanna wear a taco cat on one foot and a surfboarding penguin on the other, don't judge me.

8. Potatoes. Give them to me in every form. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.

9. Crafting is my second favorite hobby! Making miniatures, ahhh

10. I'm allergic to cats and dogs, most animals, actually. However, I own a cat, Della, and a dog, Granger (yeah, as in Hermione Granger). I will take death over not being able to cuddle my furry lovenuggets.